ONLY ON THE BOX: Patrick Vega to produce a movie about Camille Dorchuk!  "In his opinion, this is a character straight from DOSTOJEWSKI"

Just two weeks ago Patrick Vega He issued a statement that many Poles accepted as a salutary promise. He explained that He does not intend to produce more films in Polish. His last project, realized on the Vistula River, was his autobiographical sketch, which he described in a pathetic tone as a display of “the fight between darkness and light, showing the mechanism of man’s struggle with darkness, and the history of rising from the fall.”

Why vega Decided to say goodbye to Polish products? Well, he said he wouldn’t be here anymore, so he set out to share his talents with the outside, more specifically in Hollywood, for whom he undoubtedly awaited with open arms, as he once described, Antik Krulikowski“Polish Tarantino”.

See also: Kamel Dorchuk’s death was announced on the air. “I am shocked”

Unfortunately, there seems to be a chance that Vega bragged about her last production back home a little prematurely. As our informant says, responsible for Love, sex and epidemic The Visionary just took aim at another scandalous story we all know well from the newspaper front pages. This time it’s late Kamel Dorczuk.

Patrick is fascinated by this topic in the psychological and social sense. How can you fail at life with everything in your life. The story of a man who has a huge element of self-destruction in himself. According to Patrick, Kamel Dorczuk is a character from Dostoevsky. And this is the whole story of his career, ups and downs against the background of the glamor of show business: Big money, front page people, politicians, drugs, women, harassment, alcohol, paid love – Reveals the artist’s friend.

Do you dare to buy movie tickets for it?

Nq in the last picture he looks like the singer of the combo band, could he make a movie about them and play the main role?

To the bank like Durczok Królikowski 🙂

Only if he plays the main role himself. But… Durczok did not have vitiligo. Nothing like cosmetics.

The family must prevent emerging.

“About Kamila Durczok”… 😂😂😂 Poodle, go back to elementary school

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How could Durczok receive more than 100,000 PLN a month when he was the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Fakt” and had gone bankrupt when he died?

Mercy to the family and the son

Maybe the memories of tvn staff being harassed over and over by Camillek and not talking about attacking innocent people.

In Sosnowiec in elementary school, Polish is taught by a teacher like Putin, the whole class does not like her 12-year-old children who are mentally tormented after their lessons, children vomit, they get nervous, she should not learn, but only undergo psychotherapy . My daughter was recording this lady,

Of course, of course! Great character destroyed in the media and a photo by you, at someone else’s request, you can look into the history of articles as they happen. Now Z & oornalista you get started.

Why this movie is kind of prince? What is life death

I’ll just pay Vegeta to never make a movie again!

After the journalist’s downfall, the next movie will be the director’s downfall – but with a life version

Who will direct a movie about Patrick?

Come here. If nothing good can be said about the deceased, then everyone knows what Dorczuk looked like.

He’s eaten enough David Kostiki.

Firstly, Mr. Buller Journalist Role… Doesn’t he design that it will be written about him all the time his staff etc. misbehavior etc., even if they don’t follow it and his brother will feel it?? ? He really wants his brother to be in the grad department of stories, I have a question, do you have a pass, how many victims of his tardiness??? How much health did he lose? I don’t think you know what you’re saying at all, I think it’s best to be very silent. He’s already closed due to his age and shouldn’t talk about it

Let’s establish one thing. Vega doesn’t know anything about Dostoevsky, okay? Not f**k people in the morning.

Vega, Mroz and Martiniuk – Three Kings of Polish Kitsch

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