Continuation of “The President’s Ear”.  We know the details of the cinematic version and release date

We’ve got good news for fans of the comedy and “The President’s Ear.” The political series that aired from 2017 is returning in 2019 with a sequel, which Plutik was first to know about. Interestingly, this time not to the Internet or to TV, but directly to the big screen. We talked about this with its producer Dorota Kośmicka-Gacka, who told us about the details of editing the film. Of course, Robert Gorsky will be there.

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Details of the second part of “The President’s Ear”. Robert Gorski will return to his famous role

It appears that “The President’s Ear” has been a closed project for a long time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Viewers will see the continuing fate of the head of the ruling Law and Justice Party and his entourage six years after the end of production. Among them, of course, is Robert Gorski, who plays President Jaroslav, who is inspired by the PiS leader. – I’m with Robert Gorski and Roman Nowakowski during preparations filmIt is a story about our modern world. Not only politicians, but also their families. I can be the first to tell you that we are creating the “President’s Ear” of cinema. The story, of course, relates to our moral problems, which politicians have all the time. The film will feature the well-known characters from the movie “The President’s Ear” and Robert is once again a character close to a political leader – as the film’s producer, Dorota Kuzmica-Jacki, told Plotek. At the same time, she revealed that at the moment, no one from the new opposition is putting pressure on the creators. – We have not faced any pressure yet because we are at the beginning of production and few people know about it. However, Robert Gorsky’s fate is greatly influenced by politics. What will the world of politics show us when filming begins? we will see. I think nothing will surprise me anymore. Pareja will have something to laugh about, because it will be pure comedy. Let others laugh too, Kośmicka-Gacke adds.

When does the film version of “The President’s Ear” premiere? We know the date

Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska appeared in the serialized version of “The President’s Ear” in three episodes. The star of “Klan” played the role of Danka – the presenter of the program “Wiadomości”. Although there is a lot of talk about the changes in TVP now, and news stars are running away from them like rats from a sinking ship, they can breathe a sigh of relief. The creators of the motion picture “The President’s Ear” will save them this time. – We had no reason to include anyone from TVP’s “Wiadomości” in this new story. The story concerns the president and the president and many different themes around him, but as we know, the film is not made of rubber – this is what Plotka told Kozmica-Jack. For now, Gursky’s fans will have to be patient, because there’s still plenty of time before the premiere of his new film, The President’s Ear. The film is scheduled to be filmed in August. We want to premiere on Valentine’s Day 2025 before the presidential election to spice things up a bit and lighten the mood. In these times, we especially need to laugh – sums up the producer. For this reason, he is currently looking forward to the upcoming premiere of the continuation of the comedy series – “Camera Cafe. New Brewing”, which will be available to watch on Player starting December 25, and later on TVN.

Robert Gorsky in the series “The President’s Ear.” The film “The President’s Ear” will have a cinematic version. Image

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