March 27, 2023


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Tarnovsky Guri, Gdynia.  Peter Trojan with the Leading Male Role Award

Tarnovsky Guri, Gdynia. Peter Trojan with the Leading Male Role Award

Good news from Gdynia – Piotr Trojan, from Tarnowskie Góry, won the award for his lead role in “Johnny” at the 47th Polish Film Festival.

This is the second most prestigious award ever won by a resident of Tarnowskie Góry in Gdynia. In 2020, his role in the movie “25 Years of Innocence. The Case of Tomek Komenda” was appreciated. During the awards ceremony yesterday, Piotr Trojan . was moved to thank peers, Patrick Galewski, who was The prototype of his hero and family.

– Finally, I wanted to thank myself for being so proud of myself – concluded.

“Johnny” is a story based on true events the father. Jan KaczkowskiPlayed by David Ogrodnik. It is said from a trainee’s point of view, Patrick Galewski (played by Peter Trojan).

As part of social work, the boy was sent to work in a hospice run by a priest. This will have consequences for both heroes. When was the priest diagnosed? brain glioma And becoming a hospice patient himself, Patrick will take care of him.

He also got “Johnny” in Gdynia Audience Award. It will be released in theaters on September 23 and will be shown, among other things, at the “Zacisze” cinema in Piekary Śląskie and at BCKin in Bytom.

Piotr Trojan can also be viewed in the format The third season of the series “Echo”.It premieres October 5 on Netflix TV series “Big Water” – Also share it.

We remember August’s interview with Piotr Trojan, in which he said, inter alia, about “Johnny” and months of his preparation for the role.

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Learn to cook and work in a hospice. “Johnny” the new movie by Peter Trojan