Emily lost her charm

Emily in Paris Has returned. Sadly.

Let us clarify one thing first: the author of these lines faintedEmily in Paris, Last year, was mesmerized by the mild nature of this unpretentious comedy. But it is clear that these first series of episodes were enough to get around the garden.

We still see Emily Cooper where we left off. The American sent to Paris is still in the service of knowledge under the yoke of his boss Sylvie. She is always torn between her feelings for Gabriel and her friendship with Camille. Ah, his French language is also in good condition or faltering.

In short, Paris is nothing new under the sun. After all, there is nothing to bring the Netflix heroine back to ten more episodes.

Squeeze the lemon

However, we do just that, squeezing the lemons like never before, with the second season, which looks like Ebilok in the first season. By adding some new secondary characters – already useless – we recreate the same problems. Even after the last episode is over, the common thread, logically, makes it even harder to find a plot to link the season.

Another problem: our dear Emily has lost her adorable and affectionate character. His faults and strains, once touched, are no more. We get even more tired of seeing French characters arguing among themselves in rough English at times, without using the Moliere language.

At the catwalk for New York Fashion Week (or Paris, to be consistent) the costumes displayed on screen – branded, of course – remain. Of course, this is as wonderful as the landscapes of Paris and its environs. But this was not enough to renew our affection for the beautiful Emily at this one time.

Emily in Paris Now streaming on Netflix.

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