Love games in the car.  Suddenly three men came - o2

The unexpected conclusion of love took place on August 17th on a street in Brazil. One couple decided to indulge their passion in the back seat of their car. But she did not imagine that the adventure would cost them dearly.

Thieves boycotted the act of love. The lovers had time to get their clothes back

Social media circulated a video clip showing a white car parked on the side of the road. The video shows three criminals approaching the car. The men look around to see if someone is watching them.

Thieves go to the car and knock on the glass. After a while, they forced the door open and forced the naked couple out of the car. Shocked lovers wind up on the street in seconds.

The film shows that the thieves are trying to negotiate with the thieves. Realizing that they had no opportunity to stop the car, they asked the thieves to at least return their clothes.

Compassionate criminals respond to the request of their victims. They dumped the couple’s stolen clothes on the street. Then they got into the car and quickly left the place.

Car theft in Brazil. Lovers dressed in a hurry on the street

It is not clear how the incident ended in Brazil. At the end of the video, you only see a couple dressed in a hurry. So far, the Brazilian police have not spoken. The identity of the unlucky lovers is unknown, nor is it known whether the criminals were caught.

The crime rate on the streets of Brazil is exceptionally high. According to the Polish government website with information for travelers, there are a very large number of murders, robberies and kidnappings across the country. Cases of theft are also frequent on city buses and at airports.

Caution is advised when a stranger offers assistance or the elevator. Only corporate taxis should be used. (…]We advise against visiting and staying in slums, so-called slums even as part of organized excursions due to the increased risk of theft – we read on the website.

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