Omicron.  A new study on the effectiveness of the third dose of Pfizer and Moderna

Additional doses are 90 percent. The agency stated that it is effective against hospitalization with the Omikron variant. The data showed that additional doses were more effective at fighting infection and death among Americans age 50 and older, the New York Times wrote.

However, new data show that vaccines provided greater protection against the delta variant of Omikron, which, according to laboratory studies, is able to partially bypass the body’s immune response.

Supportive injections are generally accepted to protect people from infection, at least temporarily. Data from Israel and other countries also suggest that booster doses may help prevent severe illness and hospitalization, especially in the elderly.

“Data from other countries have also shown a significant benefit in getting a booster, but it is already showing up in the United States,” Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University, said in the data released Friday. These numbers must be very convincing.

And yesterday evening, the CDC released additional data showing that in December, unvaccinated Americans 50 and older were about 45 times more likely to be hospitalized than those who received the third dose.

Friday’s findings are based on three new studies by the CDC. In one study, researchers analyzed hospitalizations and visits to emergency departments and urgent care clinics in 10 states between August 26, 2021 and January 5, 2022.

The authors found that the vaccine’s effectiveness against hospitalization with the Omikron variant was reduced to 57 percent. In people who received their second dose more than six months ago. The third dose restored this protection to 90%.

Today we had 36 thousand. 665 new cases of corona virus in Poland. 67 people died from COVID-19, and 181 people died due to coexistence of COVID-19 with other diseases. This number of infected people has been a record since the beginning of the epidemic in Poland.

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