Box Office USA: "Venom 2" is the second pandemic movie with $200 million
While there are no major premieres that could rock the American movie market, this past weekend was significant for two reasons.

The first is “Poison 2: Massacre”. The comic book show earned another $4 million. Thanks to that, her total revenue is $202.7 million. Thus, it became the second film to be released in US cinemas after March 15, 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic led to the closure of almost all cinemas, with revenues exceeding 200 million. The first was another comedy show – “Shang Zhi and the Legend of the Ten Episodes” (currently $ 224.4 million).

The second is “eternal”. This comic book grossed $27.5 million last weekend (down 61% compared to its opening). Thanks to this, she held the number one spot in the weekend rankings, with total revenue of $118.8 million. With this, “Eternals” became the tenth premiere this year, with US movie theaters revenue exceeding the $100 million mark.

hundreds of 2021

# Title got in total
in public The number of cinemas the first show VOD donation
1 Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings $224.4 $75.4 4300 3.09 No $ 200
2 Poison 2: The Carnage $202.7 $90.0 4225 1.10 No 110 bucks
3 Black Widow 183.7 dollars $80.4 4275 9.07 And therefore $ 200
4 Fast and Furious 9 173.0 dollars $70.0 4203 25.06 No $ 200
5 quiet place 2 160.2 dollars 47.5 dollars 3,744 28.05 No $61
6 It is not time to die 150.5 dollars $55.2 4,407 8.10 No 300 dollars
7 free man $121.6 $28.4 4,165 13.08 No $125
8 eternity $118,8 $71.3 4090 5.11 No $ 200
9 jungle expedition $117.0 $35,0 4310 30.07 And therefore $ 200
10 Godzilla vs. Kong 100.6 dollars $31.6 3,084 31.03 And therefore $155

Donna should join this group soon. The show currently has $93.1 million on his account, and presence on HBO Max is nearing its end. Like all Warner Bros. products. “Dune” is available in cinemas and on HBO Max for 30 days. The next 30 days are exclusively for cinemas.

This week’s only premiere – “Clifford. The Big Red Dog” – came in second. The weekend’s revenue is estimated at $16.4 million. However, the movie hit theaters Wednesday, so it grossed $22 million. Family production works great in Canada, as well as in the Midwest and southern states of the United States. However, it should be noted that the scores would have been higher had it not been for Clifford’s presence on the Paramount+ platform.

One of the Academy Award winning favourites, “Belfast” by Kenneth Branagh has made its way to theaters. The film found its way to 580 places in the 10th Museum and grossed $1.8 million. This gives a relative cinematic average of 3.1 thousand. dollar. But this weekend, only two films had a higher average. The movie should have “long legs” because it received a very good A in CinemaScore.

The top ten are as follows:

# Title Happened over the weekend got in total A week on screen China
1 eternity $27.5 $118.77 2 4090
2 Clifford. big red dog $16,42 $22.0 1 3700
3 debts 5.5 dollars $93.13 4 3282
4 It is not time to die $462 $150.48 6 2867
5 Poison 2: The Carnage 4.0 dollars $202.71 7 2538
6 rune malfunction 2,2 dollars $20.79 4 2430
7 French postal letter from Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun $1.84 $11.61 4 1225
8 Belfast 1.8 dollars 1.8 dollars 1 580
9 Spencer $1,53 USD $4,71 2 1265
10 Centuries 1,2 dollars $9,64 3 1825

This Friday, two major shows will be shown in theaters: “Ghostbusters. Legacy” and “King Richard: The Conquering Family” with Will Smith in the main role.

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