Old people from Russia talk about Putin.  You can see that they are isolated from the world – o2

About 80 percent of Russians have a positive opinion of Vladimir Putin’s actions. The vast majority of them trust the President of the Russian Federation and support his position, for example when it comes to the war in Ukraine.

However, this is not surprising, given the fact that Russians are exposed to effective propaganda that creates an illusionary world for the Kremlin. Russia is increasingly surrounded by NATO. The Ukrainian government calls itself fascist.

Promoters on Russian television portray Ukraine as the aggressive side in the conflict. They also attack Western values ​​such as freedom and democracy. On the other hand, Russia is portrayed as a dove of peace, while Putin is portrayed as a man eager to restore his country’s greatness.

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Anton Herashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, often posts recordings on his X account (formerly Twitter) showing how Russians think, feel and talk. They are clearly so saturated with propaganda that even the best attempts to show them a different point of view must end in failure.

This time, Herashchenko showed a propaganda film with a group of elderly Russians. It seems ridiculous. People after people are praising Putin like poems they have memorized.

The Russians say in the recording, among other things, that they are happy that Putin is their leader. – Even though everything is falling apart, he is trying to build bridges – says an elderly person. Another woman describes Putin as a “great diplomat.”

“Thank you for your humanity, because we see what is happening in the Middle East”, “You are the only president who thinks about Russia and its people. (…) I bow to you deeply”, “You are a great politician.” “There is no other president around the world who fights for peace everywhere and always” – these are just some of the statements in the video below.

People commenting on the video laugh at these propaganda statements. They also note that Russians’ access to other sources of information is very limited, that they are isolated from the world, and that it is difficult to offer them an alternative vision.

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