Thanks to the efforts of historians, researchers and enthusiasts to discover the secrets hidden at the bottom of the seas and oceans, it was possible to reach the wreck of the Agaca ship. It is one of the flagship ships that was in service with the Japanese Army before and during World War II. He made history by participating in the greatest battles, even though he was immersed in one of them.

Akagi was launched on 22 April 1925, and entered service on 27 March 1927. The Japanese attack aircraft carrier participated, among others, in: the attack on Pearl Harbor, during which she was the flagship of Admiral Chūichi Nagumo. It was also used during the invasion of Rabaul, the bombardment of Darwin Harbor and the invasion of Midway. The latter was not successful not only for the Japanese army in general, but especially for Akagi and his crew. The ship sank during this mission.

The Japanese ship Akagi from World War II is below

This is not the first time the world has heard about the Agaka shipwreck. Thanks to the use of sonar, its location was determined four years ago. But only now has it become possible to descend to a depth of about 5.5 kilometers, where for the first time it has been possible to record video footage showing what remains of the Japanese ship.

The first visual examination of the wreck was carried out by an international team led by the Ocean Exploration Trust. James Delgado, an archaeologist associated with the expedition, noted that visiting the Akagi wreck was not only a scientific success, but also many painful memories. He stated that the Battle of Midway was “one of the ten most important naval battles in human history” because of its role “in changing the balance of the Pacific War.” Both sides lost a lot of valuable equipment and several thousand people were killed. Sailors and pilots.

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A challenging war graveyard to explore

Due to its location and great depth, exploring the Akagi, as well as other ships sunk during the Battle of Midway, is an extremely difficult task. Characterized by the dark, cold, high-pressure waters of the Pacific Ocean, this area is one of the deepest and most isolated war graves in the world.

James Delgado confirmed that the survival of the ship’s remains, even in its damaged state, is something the mission did not expect. There are still recognizable items clearly associated with the events of the Battle of Midway. This will now be the subject of further arrangements.

Akagi was one of four Japanese aircraft carriers sunk during these four-day engagements. It was more than 260 meters long and more than 31 meters wide. Its draft reaches 9 metres, and its maximum speed is 57.8 km/h. It had room for dozens of aircraft, six 203 mm guns in the casemates, 12 120 mm guns, and 28 25 mm guns.

Mateusz Tomczak, journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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