Agnieszka Gozdyra revealed the secret.  “They call me Krisha”

Bogdan Rymanovsky In conversation with Vladislav Kosiniak Kamysh I remembered one of the demands The third way Before the parliamentary elections, that is Volunteer ZUS. president Polish He emphasized in the “Guest of Events” that this is still a postulate of his formation, and so far the “first step” has been taken, ie. One month a yearWhen the state is able to pay the project owner’s contributions.

When asked when there would be an opportunity for more, he replied: – How will the PSL get more support? (In the local government elections – editor). We have 32 deputies, and if we get a larger mandate, we will carry out our activities more Programs supporting the economy – Confirm.

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As Kosniak-Kamish notes, changes are planned as well Calculate health insurance premiums, which is “extremely important.” Noting that Leave She opposed the proposed solution and responded that she had signed the coalition agreement that included this point.

-I think it is Majority in ParliamentWho will vote on it calmly. this Entrepreneur Relief, by Ms. Cresia, He said he runs a grocery store and has to pay more than PLN 2,000 in fees every month.

Kociniak-Kamish on “Mrs. Krysia”: I’ll be on the air for a moment

The Deputy Prime Minister “cannot imagine” anyone wanting to “tighten the screws”. Small businessmanThe announcer then ended the conversation and told the viewers it was time “Today's discussion” And in the Polsat News studio there is already “Mrs Agnieszka Guzdera“, the host of the next program.

And not Lady Cresia? Yes, Prime Minister, you stayed in my ear – said the journalist, to which Kosniak-Kamysh responded. – And you, editor, don't you feel that these are the people for whom this issue is extremely important? But why Lady Cresia? I'll be on the air for a moment – He decided.

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Quoted by the Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Coron. He had beautiful words: “If we forget… Chrissy, Franco, Ellie, So all our illusions are really worthless, all our political actions don't matter, and if we don't see these individual situations and problems, we don't deserve to be in politics.

Video: Agnieszka Gozdyra revealed the secret. “They call me Krisha”

Her name is Agnieszka Gozdyra…Krystyna

then Agnieszka Guzdera She decided that she “had to say one thing.” – and that is A secret I will reveal here In a sense, “the kitchen.” There are colleagues with whom we have been working since the beginning of the station, many years ago. They call me “Christina”. My name is Agnieszka, but they call me “Krycha” – she laughed.

The “Today's Debate” host concluded that Kosniak-Kamish's words “relate to her, too.” – So the Prime Minister got it all – Bogdan Rymanovsky summed up the situation.

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