AMD planuje wydanie procesorów Zen 4 na platformę AM4? Pojawiły się pogłoski o szalonym planie Czerwonych

Although the temperature in many places in our country is currently high, it seems that the real heat will not reach the new technology industry until after the holidays. AMD itself is preparing for the premiere of Radeon 7000 graphics cards and Ryzen 7000 processors, and now there have been voices that the manufacturer is preparing a small surprise for us in the form of dedicated Zen 4 chips … for the older AM4 platform .

If AMD Zen 4 processors are already on the AM4 version, they will certainly be a natural choice for people who are already equipped with older motherboards.

AMD planning to launch Zen 4 processors on the AM4 platform?  There were rumors of a crazy plan by the Reds [1]

AMD Ryzen 7000 – Exact release date for Raphael processors and motherboards with AM5 socket leaked

As we know, the upcoming AMD Ryzen 7000 (Raphael) processors are designed for new AM5 motherboards that will only support DDR5 RAM. Popular leaker @greymon55, who has insight into AMD’s plans, reports that the manufacturer plans to release some Zen 4 chips as well on the older AM4 platform that supports well-known DDR4 bones. It’s too early to talk about specific products, but given the credibility of the leaker, we have a right to believe that something may have happened.

AMD Ryzen 3000 AMD Ryzen 5000 AMD Ryzen 7000
general engineering Zain 2 Zain 3 Zain 4
Code name Matisse Vermeer Raphael
understand AM4 AM4 AM5
lithography 7 nm 7 nm 5 nm
Max number of cores 16 16 16
Supported memory type DDR4 DDR4 DDR5
Max TDP 105 watts. 105 watts. 170 watts.
the first show July 2019 November 2020 September 15, 2022 (?)

AMD has no intention of resigning from the AM4 socket. It is possible that more processors for this platform are already on their way

It should also be noted that Lisa Su herself said last month that AMD does not want to abandon the AM4 platform and in the future we can count on new products dedicated to this well-worn socket. At first, we thought the red was about updated Zen 3+ models, but who knows if the manufacturer is also considering a special edition Zen 4 that’s compatible with older technologies? If such systems did emerge, they certainly wouldn’t offer the same full Rafael units, but they would be a natural choice for people already equipped with an AM4 motherboard.

Source: @greymon55

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