Northgard in syndication on Steam and GOG;  Strategy for fans of The Settlers
September 3, 2023, at 20:25

Settlers fans who were disappointed with The Settlers: New Allies will remember the atmosphere of the iconic parts of the series while playing Northgard. This excellent Nordic RTS game is currently available for cheap on Steam and GOG.

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This year’s The Settlers: New Allies turned out to be mediocre at best. In search of successful spiritual successors to this cult series, fans have to go back to the recent past. They will find there eg. Northgard – an excellent real-time strategy set in a fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology.

This work from Shiro Games was released in 2018, but regularly receives new additions – the latest addition, which introduces the Ermine Clan, was released last week. However, players are evaluated Northguard Very positively, not only because of the long-term support that the developer provides. First of all, it’s a great strategy, next to which fans of the cult “The Settlers” should not pass by indifferently.

However, this does not mean that Northguard It is point to point The Settlers. Adam Zeichenter, who called the game “21st Century Settlers” in his review, said it is accurate for the following reasons:

[…] The creators didn’t focus on recreating classic strategies from years ago, but rather on the emotions that accompanied us while dealing with them. This is how the production was created, which – though fresh in form and unlike the classics – entertains in a similar way to the hits of years gone by. It took about twelve springs to come back, and it’s a beautiful journey that won’t end soon.

If you want to embark on an adventure in the inhospitable land of the North – the game places a lot of emphasis on survival elements – then you should be interested in the fact that Northguard I got an attractive promotion. This title can be purchased on Steam and GOG for PLN 32.39. You can take advantage of the offers by clicking on the buttons below. located on the Valve platform is valid until September 4th Until 19:00 Polish time, while you will benefit from the position available on our original website until midnight on September 11th.

Northgard on Steam for PLN 32.39

Northgard on GOG for PLN 32.39

Admittedly, this isn’t a historically low price—about a year ahead of the production in question it was possible You can buy on Steam and GOG for PLN 26.99 – but the content of the game definitely justifies it. Northguard It offers an interesting story campaign that takes several hours. Meanwhile, it can only be seen as a precursor to online (or AI) skirmish mode play.

In these, you can manage several different clans, and if someone decides there aren’t enough of them, the following clans – like the Ermine Clan mentioned above – can Purchase as downloadable content (DLC).which was also promoted. It is also worth noting that the game received addition Vidar crossIntroducing a new story campaign. From the opinions of the players on the steam However, this addon seems to be full of bugs.

Another thing is “attitude” – this was mainly described in the superlative. This translates to “extremely positive.” Game ratings On the Valve platform – Favorites account for 88% of the more than 55,000 all reviews posted. Fans praise the production’s relative simplicity – which, however, doesn’t diminish the challenge RTS fans crave – as well as the potential for victory in various ways or the charming audiovisual setting.

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