Risen on PS4 – Review.  I wouldn’t buy it for that kind of money
January 27, 2023, 4:00 p.m

A port of Risen – a thirteen-year-old game from the creators of Gothic – is intimidated by its exorbitant price tag. As such, it is very good.

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January 24, 2023 First got up – Originally released on PC and X360 – Moved to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. in January Review of Prime Ministers I wrote that I view THQ Nordic’s decision to create this diversion as an “open jump for the money” for fans Gothicthat got up is another really good game from Piranha Bytes. Having spent several hours with the port on the PS4 version – tested on “Pees5” – I endorse this sentence. But…

The port is modest and expensive, but it is there

But I cannot in good conscience write that got up I played bad on console. First of all, I was convinced that I would not be able to control the pillow. However, it is surprisingly fun. This is not very surprising, because they were carried over from the version that was previously released on Xbox 360. True, I was strangely attacked with a cross – I instinctively try to jump with it – and I regret that it was not possible to adjust the console buttons to our liking, but after a while the game starts, I can do this with a mouse and keyboard.

Plus, THQ Nordic’s assurances of physics-related bug fixes weren’t just idle platitudes. Want an example? Recalling the original PC shortly before the diversion was released, I couldn’t jump both rocky ledges in the cave, which we encounter right after the start of the adventure. The pocket on top popped up with the coins in it but when you jumped in the number would disappear and the camera would be affected. Fortunately, I got there in a roundabout way. Meanwhile, in the port this problem does not happen – on the first attempt I climbed up, grabbed the gold and went to kill the gnomes camped in the depths of the cave. Nice.

I wouldn't buy Risen on a PS4 for that kind of money, but it's a nice port - Illustration #1

Unfortunately, the interface cannot be turned off on consoles.

I also cannot fail to mention the Polish cinematic site, which is finally available in the digital version of the game (on all platforms). Although I personally don’t like it, because I think many lines and correct names can be translated better, more reflecting the atmosphere of the original, but no one took the English translation from me, so I’m not going to complain. Another thing is that it is difficult to praise the publisher for something that should have been added to the version of the game available on Steam and GOG a long time ago (the original can still be downloaded if anyone is interested in it, but it is not compatible with the Polish localization).

I also have to mention that while playing got up On PS5, I ran into an unusual error (not counting a single blue screen). Well, I missed dubbing a few times. There was one moment, and the next it wasn’t. Interestingly, this concerned only the dialogues in which the protagonist was involved. I heard NPC’s conversations or their battle cries the whole time. Restarting the game solved the problem. Theoretically, it’s a trifle, but it bothered me a lot, because every such incident disturbs immersion.

I wouldn't buy a Risen on a PS4 for that kind of money, but it's a nice port - Illustration #2

Do you remember the surprise when it turned out that you can get to the monastery in two ways?

You can also complain about the lack of a quick save or the relatively small font in which the items to be captured are signed. I feel sorry for the people who play the game got up On the big screen, sitting a few feet away from it. Overall, though, it’s hard to go wrong with this conversion. Apart from the price of course. I myself haven’t gone crazy enough after paying around 130 PLN for more than thirteen years of the game – and I advise you not to either. If the console version tempts you, it’s best to wait for the upgrade. Better yet, buy a computer game. Although…but more on that in a moment.

Since this is a (mini) review, it would be appropriate to give a final note. A very useless task – especially in this case. However, if I have to I give conversion got up On PS4 it scores 7.5 out of 10. It would be higher, but the price and that annoying bug you mentioned wouldn’t let me do that. The list of pros and cons can be found at the end of the text.

“Free” update

Let me mention two more things. The first is a “free” update to the PC version of the game. Where did the quotation mark come from? Because it turns out that it is free only for owners of the original version. THQ Nordic took the opportunity to almost double the price got up For computers – from PLN 35.99 to PLN 67.99. not nice. It is even more so because most of the “attractions” that were added – achievements, gamepad support and the Polish language version – were available in the original release (some for PC, some for X360 only, but still).

The only novelties are the minor fixes I mentioned above, as well as the ability to store “saves” in the cloud and slightly increase the viewing range. There is a funny bug associated with the latter. When I set this value to 100 (maximum) in the graphics options, the protagonist started running faster. While this can be considered useful, it feels very unnatural. Without thinking for a long time, I turned off this function and everything returned to normal. Slightly blurred backgrounds don’t bother you like this bug. Or is it “wealth”? Judge for yourself.

informal gothic 4

The second thing I wanted to mention briefly is got up as. I consider it the third best Piranha game – right after the first two installments of the series Gothic. Moreover, I share a fairly common opinion that this address can be considered unofficial Goethica 4. Some of the reasons for this are described in post text.

In general, a very good RPG, which has everything for which fans loved the first works of the Germans – and at the same time still very cute (well, maybe apart from the characters’ faces, which scare not only with repetition) and much less than “wooden”. If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet got upI sincerely recommend. Just don’t overdo it! My original rating: 8.5 out of 10.

My opinion about Risen on PS4


  1. A great RPG that can currently be played on all major platforms;
  2. a digital copy in Polish (even if it’s not perfect);
  3. minor fixes and improvements;
  4. Very comfortable cushion control.


  1. For a game over thirteen years old – high price on consoles (and even more on PC);
  2. an annoying bug with the dubbing gone;
  3. no quick saves on console;
  4. A very small font in which the picked items are signed.

evaluation: 7.5/10

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