December 6, 2022


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Two helicopters will go to Mars.  NASA announces an amazing mission

Two helicopters will go to Mars. NASA announces an amazing mission

In 2026, a two-helicopter lander will blast off toward the Red Planet. It’s about the job Mars Sample Return Campaignthat is, the campaign Delivery of samples from Mars to Earth Downloaded by perseverance cart. The goal is to test them in laboratories to discover traces of living organisms.

Originally, the rover was supposed to appear on the surface of Mars, but scientists have just decided that they will take over. Two first class helicopters. Creativity is the first drone in history to fly to an alien planet. NASA is currently exploring the vast expanses of the Jezero crankcase, looking for interesting places to explore with the Perseverance Wagon.

Scientists are happy with this Structurally simple drone. They planned that the device would take only a few flights, but at the same time it has more than a dozen flights, and the end of its capabilities is not in sight. Engineers decided to use two drones instead of designing and building an expensive rover.

As they explained, two rover-sized devices could send samples to the rover faster, which would take them into orbit and send them on their way to Earth. Besides, if one The helicopter was damagedThe other will take over. In the case of the rover, this would not be possible.

The plan is to deliver samples from Mars to Earth’s orbit via a rocket Mars Ascent Vehicle In the year 2033. There to be captured by the Earth Return Orbiter probe. It will be landing in the Utah desert. Scientists are sure that the samples contain traces of life that once existed on Mars. So in 2033 we will see a breakthrough in cosmology research.

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