January 27, 2023


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Takiego zjawiska warto nie przegapić: dzisiejszej nocy będzie szansa na zobaczenie niewielkiej zorzy polarnej z Polski. Jak i gdzie jej wypatrywać?

Northern lights in Poland! Where do you look for it?

Such a phenomenon should not be missed: tonight there will be an opportunity to see a small aurora borealis from Poland. How and where do you look for it?

Why will we be able to see the northern lights from Poland tonight?

A powerful magnetic storm is brewing. It will be the result of the Sun’s coronal mass ejection (CME) created on Thursday. A huge amount of high-energy particles are rushing towards the Earth. He explains that when gas atoms collide in the atmosphere around the polar region, beautiful aurora borealis will appear in the sky. Promoter astronomer Carol Wojcicki on the Facebook page “With his head in the stars.”

She added that the magnetic storm will be so strong that perhaps the aurora borealis can also be seen Northern to central Poland.

Today’s weather will be fine to look for the aurora borealis. As confirmed by “Head in the Stars”, unfortunately you will not look in beautiful photos of the Far North. Observed at low latitudes, it will be a somewhat faint glow hovering over the northern horizon – We read. However, it’s still worth looking up at the sky – especially if we love to shoot and have a camera on a tripod. In the photos, you will be able to capture the colors of the aurora borealis.

Where do we look? First of all, you need to leave the city – for the observation site, you should choose an area with an open view to the north, where there will be no artificial lights in your line of sight.

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Aurora will appear in Poland when the Kp factor over Scandinavia reaches 7. This parameter is measured by the Kiruna magnetometer, its indicators can be seen here: https://bit.ly/3msxOYb. However, keep in mind that the data is updated every minute, so it is worth being vigilant all the time! Strong flashes of the aurora borealis, which make it possible to see from the territory of Poland, sometimes last only a few minutes – Karol Wójcicki confirms.

Patience will definitely pay off. You can start looking for the aurora borealis from about 6:30 p.m. until late at night.