A 40-year-old man got stuck in a Turkish cave.  Polish rescuers came to the rescue

Six GOPR rescuers from the Beskid, Jurassic, Sudetes and Krynica groups are participating in the international work. The activities were organized at the request of the European Cave Rescue Society and Türkiye Magaracilik Federasyonu.

The injured person is a 40-year-old experienced American speleologist. While exploring the cave on Monday, he felt unwell at a depth of about 1,100 meters. His companions helped him reach an underground camp at a depth of about 1,000 meters, where he is waiting for help.

—Our first team went underground. Their task is to bring medicine and food to the camp where the injured person is, and then prepare with rescuers from Bulgaria to transport the injured person on a stretcher through a part of the cave from approximately -900 to -700 meters. . The second team of GOPR rescuers has already arrived at the base and is waiting for tasks to be assigned – inform the GOPR rescuer on duty.

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