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: ‘Noche de Patas’ en Panamericana: “Este canal nos permite ser más atre

‘Noche de Pattas’ in Panamericana: “This channel allows us to be very brave” | Carlos Wallace | Latin | Interview | Views

For my progress, my house will be evacuated. With the firm intention of continuing to have fun with his followers, but with a much bolder form, they were unable to modify the television house they had previously entertained.

In an interview with Trom, the hosts of the nightly show, which airs on Panamericana TV this Friday, September 17, at 11pm, have details of this new season. In addition, they reveal how the departure of Carlos Wallace and his future plans affected them.

“We’re happy. We’re entering with the same team, with the same mindset, more willing to do things, gifts. We’re going to disturb the silence of ‘TV Corner’ a little bit.Oscar Lopez Arias said.

The hosts of ‘Night of the Calls’ spoke exclusively for Trom and revealed the reasons for his departure from Latin.

Her Latina departure

Why change channels when viewers support even on social media?

Gonzalo: We have created a space for people, a therapy for us, the bonds have been created and strengthened. Rather than leaving, we see it as an opportunity. Nothing is lost, it is growing and reflecting with networks and people on the street. I think we’re the only plan to get one channel into another without losing a single day.

Oscar: We wanted to take a different wind, refresh the content and take a little more risk. This new channel will allow us to be free, to relax a little more, to be a little bolder than we are now.

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It was speculated that Latina would not allow the show to be in the style you like, there was little censorship …

Oscars: I hope all channels and media have their parameters, rules and working conditions, we were happy, but we realized that the ceiling is too low, we said ‘We can still grow, if canal conditions do not allow it, we will look elsewhere’ That is what we are doing now. We go to a place where it can be very quiet.

'Noce de Pattas' moves to Panamericana:
‘Noce de Pattas’ moves to Panamericana: “This channel will allow us to be free”

Departure of Carlos Wallace

How did the departure of Carlos Wallace affect the plan? They were able to adapt over time …

Gonzalo: The exit of ‘Babicha’ does not mean that he has not affected us emotionally since he started 4, we are glad he is fine. This is not fiction, it is a live story. When you are in an apartment, someone has to leave, but you know they will come back. Soon we will be reunited, and now we are a trio.

Oscars: It affected us, people were shocked, but the spirit of the project was beyond one of us. The goal is to make people happy.

"Barefoot night" Panamericana moves to television after leaving Latin.  (Photo: nochedepatas)
“Night of the Legs” moves to Panamericana Television after leaving Latin. (Photo: nochedepatas)

Future plans

Was the possibility of having a fourth driver considered?

Oscars: Yes, we reviewed who they could be, but it was not a decision, it was not ‘you have to fill that space’.

Gonzalo: Whenever you propose when someone goes out, they make comparisons and comparisons are horrible, ‘Babicha’ is always going to take its place. It was so hard for us. At some point we will return to him.

Can they integrate to drive a female face?

Oscars: Anything can happen, but the formula we started with is the same as it is now. It’s important to have guests who can maintain that fun.

Are you planning to take the show to the theater?

Oscar: In Scoop, ‘Pattas a Pelo’ is coming, the first date has not been released yet. This first live show is going to be ‘Galatos’ just like the ad for the show.

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