Mafia 4 is officially born!  2K confirms the evolution of the game

In May, the first rumor about a new mafia game appeared. Then we got leaks about the location of the event in Sicily, and even another source confirmed the game’s creation. Now, however, we can officially confirm: Mafia 4 is on the rise.

2K Games is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Mafia series and an interview appeared on the Mafia Games website, where the developers mentioned working on production. There will be nothing unusual in it, but very important words appear at the end of the conversation:

Final question: Can you tell us what the plans are for the future of the Mafia franchise?

Haldyk: I am happy to announce that we have started working on a new project in the Mafia series! We’ll have to wait a few years for the premiere, and at the moment we can’t say anything else, but we’re very excited to be able to continue working on our beloved series and entertain players with new stories.”

The news was confirmed by Roman Hladik (CEO) of Hangar 13, whose team is apparently working on developing the game. Of course, we have to wait for the details, but we can doubt that at least some of the previously revealed details will be confirmed and in the near future we will get to know a completely new part of the series.

Of course, this is not a huge surprise, as 2K and Take-Two had to invest a lot of money in the return of the Mafia series, and although the third installment was not hailed as a huge success, the publisher then decided to do so. Complete remake of the first installment. The evolution of the universe is certainly good news, but it is currently difficult to say how long we will have to wait for the announcement or premiere of the new mafia.

Below you can check out the trailer set up to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary.

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