Uncharted with Tom Holland getting a sequel?  The manufacturer has clear plans
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Aug 10, 2023, 14:30

The Uncharted producer was asked about a possible sequel and revealed plans for the future of the Nathan Drake movie.

credit: anonymous; Robin Fleischer Atlas Entertainment 2022


unknown It is an adventure film that centers on the character of Nathan Drake – a character from the Naughty Dog video game series. The production, which featured stars like Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and Antonio Banderas, began at a somewhat uncomfortable time for the cinema pandemic. Against all odds, the picture made very little money, over $407 million worldwide.

The show, though based on a series of popular and beloved games, met very extreme opinions. on the page Rotten tomatoes unknown Only 40% holds positive reviews from critics. The score among user reviews is surprisingly higher, at 90%. Perhaps the fact that the film had enthusiast approval for the original contributed to this. The creators did not try to transfer the story shown in the games to the screens one by one. They just took the characters from the original and sent them on an entirely new and unknown journey.

No official statement has been made regarding a potential sequel. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter project unknownWhen asked about the further fate of the series, Charles Roven enthusiastically admitted that there is no shortage of willingness to work on the next sequel.

Yes, of course! We had an incredibly good time with this movie. Fans really loved it, and people who didn’t know anything about the game loved the movie, too. So we definitely want to do another one.

Nothing is known about the plot of the second part, but it can be assumed that if the creators decided to move away from the adventures of Drake shown in the games this time, they could focus on extending the events that we saw in the pre-credits scene in the game. 2022 production.

film unknown Available on HBO Max.

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