Nintendo Switch successor with advanced backward compatibility.  The new console is supposed to improve on older games

The Nintendo Switch will be 7 full years old this year, which means it's time for us to see the next Japanese console. However, the question remains whether Switch 2 will support games from previous Nintendo consoles.

Anyone who has followed Nintendo's activities since the beginning of the company's presence in the video game industry knows that backward compatibility has always been one of the priorities of the Japanese. The Game Boy Advance supported GB and GBC cards, the Nintendo DS had a slot for GBA games, and the Nintendo 3DS handled NDS cards perfectly. The same applies to fixed consoles. The Wii U was fully compatible with Wii games and accessories, and was Nintendo's first unofficial stationary console to support GameCube discs.

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Whenever possible, Nintendo has paid attention to backward compatibility, and unfortunately, the Switch's innovative format forced the company to abandon this system. Fortunately, there have been rumors that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will be fully backwards compatible with both digital and physical products from the 'snap'. And if that's not enough, the Reseter forum has data from developers who can actually test this feature and report that the Switch 2 somehow improves the games they play. Unfortunately, the details are unknown, but it can be assumed that Nintendo has prepared some automatic systems to measure resolution and add frames per second.

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