NFS, Project CARS 4 hardcore, WRC instead of DIRT, F1 23 and other leaks
May 14, 2022, 20:37

Tom Henderson has opened a real Pandora leak box, providing information on all the racing games (I believe) currently in production at Electronic Arts and Codemasters. Need for Speed, DIRT, Project CARS 4, F1 23 – these are the titles he discusses.

Until recently, Tom Henderson was mainly associated with behind-the-scenes news about the series battlefield, but has recently become an increasingly comprehensive detective – not even from racing games. The day before yesterday published summary A report on all cars currently being manufactured in the bowels of Electronic Arts (Hence also Codemasters, Slightly Mad Studios, etc.). This resulted in a generous “infobol”.

4 . car project

Let me start with the title that strikes me the most—and about which Henderson made the most successful news. Not only is he working on it 4 . car project They’re supposed to be in an advanced stage, then still Slightly Mad Studios returns to its ‘hardcore’ simulation roots And withdraw from the direction chosen by the controversial “three”. The game targets PC, PS5, and XSX/S only – which is normal, as the informant speculates that we can expect the premiere around 2024.

WRC instead of DIRT Rally 3

Codemasters are said to follow in the footsteps of their KT Racing predecessors and WRC-licensed racing games will be released every twelve months Starting next year, maybe even from the first quarter Same (Finally Electronic Arts announced For this period the release of some new sports). The developer will switch from his own technology to the Unreal Engine, and in addition to games for PC and consoles, he will also try to provide “racing cars” for mobile devices.

There’s a lot of new news – but there’s also something Henderson revealed in March that I somehow missed. Well, detective mentioned Then at the end of 2021 Codemasters abandoned a file Dirt Rally 3 The project was renamed WRC (Supposedly this is the same endeavor We met a few months ago as “Codemasters’ biggest and most ambitious game in a decade”). Confirmation of this news can be found in the fact that in February Twitter Profile personly a series dirt Changed its name to EA Sports Rally.

need for speed

About the next stage Prime Installment a series need for speedWhich we’ll have at the end of the year (in November, if you believe the Jeff Group sources), Henderson didn’t have anything new to say. Share only a few bits of information On the theme of the occasional mobileWhich leaked a few days ago.

Apparently, it will not be a simple tracing paper NfS: heat, because the open world (Palm City) of this game will be subject to some “significant” modifications. In addition, we will not test the plot, but we can anticipate it Focus on “heavy” multiplayer micropayments.

F1 23

Although we are still waiting for the first show F1 22 (which takes place on July 1), Henderson has already gained the first curiosity about next year’s release of the series – because of course it’s not only planned, but also in preliminary production. The Codemasters studio is said to be finally preparing a comprehensive update to the engine that drives its Formula 1 simulator, so F1 23 is to be a true ‘next generation’ title.

In addition, the developer is already planning to expand the F1 Life module, despite the fact that it will only debut in F1 22 (And it’s still a mystery – we don’t know much about it except that it will allow us to experience the ‘glamor and magic’ of Formula 1 by unlocking clothes or supercars for virtual drivers.) at least in F1 23 This item will proudly return with an add-on called F1 World.

other curiosities

There was also some other interesting information in Tom Henderson’s report.

  1. at present There are no new releases in this series Grid or Burnt.
  2. Released in February GRID Legends It was a “disappointing debut”.
  3. Codemasters Cheshire before that Connected With Criterion Games, he’s been working on a “rather unusual” game that revolves around car pools. It is possible that the developer will complete this project and his activities will not be limited to supporting the chain need for speed.

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