How do you know that someone is stealing your Wi-Fi and taking it out of your home network?

There are several ways to find out who is using my Wi-Fi network. Some internet service providers offer Network management applications For mobile and desktop devices Shows a list of connected devices and allows you to change permissions. This makes it easy to remove devices from i network Reconnect the block.

If we do not have this option, please have it Access to the router interface on the computer by typing the local IP address into a web browser. The local IP address of the router can be found in WindowsBy following these steps:

  • Press Window key + R, then type cmd to open Command Prompt;
  • In the Command Prompt window, type [ipconfig]then press Enter;
  • An IP address should appear next to “Default Gateway” or “IPv4 Address” in the results.

The local IP address of the router on the Mac It can be found by selecting “System Preferences”, then “Network”, then “Advanced” and then “TCP/ICP”. Find an IP address The router is next to “IPv4 Address”.

Enter the IP address found for the router in the web browser. The router configuration interface should appear. Then log in with your network password. After entering, you can View web activity.

The next step in the fight against the intruder is to check who is using my Wi-Fi and Prevent unwanted access. Find and manage the list of connected devices Depends on the make and model of the router. It is worth knowing in advance User’s Manual. This special form will also be available online.

How to block unwanted devices? All you have to do is decide which of them belongs to your household members, based on the names of the connected devices. In case Mac computers Some devices only give their address, so sometimes The need to compare Mac addresses for each device.

If you spot a web thief, you can block his access. Again, the method for blocking an unwanted intruder varies between router interfaces, but it usually is Made from the device preferences menu.

Finally, you need to change the password for the network Ensure that you are using the strongest security protocol possible. This will prevent scammers from hacking your network again. As in the previous steps, finding these options depends on Router FirmwareBut it should be easy to locate.

make sure that You create a strong password. So, please enable Highest possible network encryption. For some devices, this may be WPA3While others can only use it WPA2-AES or WPA2-TKIP. If your router doesn’t support WPA2 at least, it’s definitely worth upgrading to a newer model.

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