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Easter 2022. Do shops open on Easter Monday?  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Easter 2022. Do shops open on Easter Monday? :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Are stores open on April 18th? Trading opportunities during Easter are very limited. So where can we shop at Easter?

Easter 2022. What does the trade look like at Easter?

Sometimes we forget one useful product while cooking or cleaning Easter Holiday. Then we wonder if we can go to the store to fill in the gaps quickly. What does it look like in the case of Easter? Trading opportunities during Easter are very limited. Everything is regulated by the Prohibition of Trade Act, which actually allows shops to operate on Holy Saturday Only until 2 pm.

Easter 2022. Will shops open on Easter Monday, April 18?

Holiday trade restrictions apply not only on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday, but also on Easter Sunday. This means that Major stores and malls closed on April 18, 2022. Since it is a public holiday, other service points will also be closed. Public transportation also operates according to a special schedule.

Easter 2022. Are shops closed on Easter Monday? There are exceptions

The Trade Prohibition Act, however, provides for some an exception. This may open on public holidays Shops with the owner behind the counter. The restriction does not apply either gas stations. In theory, they can also be active RestaurantsHowever, it is unlikely that many of them will work during the Easter season. So if we urgently want to do some shopping on Easter Monday, we have to look at our own smaller shopsor go to Petrol station.

How do you make Easter wishes? These suggestions will help you and put a smile on the faces of your relatives!

Who would like to choose Easter? Short, simple and fun? Or maybe tall, religious and serious? There is something for everyone on the Internet! We have collected Easter greetings for you to facilitate this very difficult task. Details below!

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