Quantum processor from Poland has a chance to change the world.  “Modern quantum computers are unimaginably weak”

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For years, quantum technology has remained in the realm of pure theory. In recent years, advances in this field have been noticeable to the naked eye, and although the modern capabilities of quantum computers – as our guests have admitted – are still very small compared to their capabilities, we are getting closer to a historic breakthrough with each step. How does a Polish quantum processor fit into this business? We talked about this with our guests on the next episode of Technically Thing.

How can the work of Polish scientists affect our lives? Will the average Kowalski experience any benefits from their discovery? We already know at this point that the discovery of the Poles may have the biggest changes in communications technology, especially “long distance” technology. But that’s not the only aspect of reality where you’re supposed to feel the effects.

In order to better understand the effect, it is of course also necessary to properly understand the ’cause’. Tell our guests in detail how a quantum processor works, but at the same time use simple enough words to understand the basic concept by someone who has little in common with quantum physics on a daily basis. Let’s face it – this description fits 99 percent. from U.S.

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