New album for the Rolling Stones!

Fans have been waiting almost 20 years: The Rolling Stones will be released on October 20 Hockney Diamonds, A new studio album made up of original songs was announced by the legendary British band on Wednesday.

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Made up of 12 titles, according to Mick Jagger, the first single was released anger, The album is the first album released by the Rolling Stones since 2016, but the first of original songs in 18 years.

“We were a bit lazy and then all of a sudden, ‘Let’s set a date and do a record,'” said the band’s charismatic lead singer Mick Jagger, who turned 80 in July.

“It’s going to be an eclectic album,” notes Mick Jagger. “There will be love songs, ballads, a bit of folk,” he adds.

They were interviewed by American TV presenter and comedian Jimmy Fallon at a show in Hackney, East London, which is “at the heart of the new album”.

Dressed all in black and wearing glasses, the three British rock granddads were all smiles as photographers and fans flocked to witness the cult group.


“I’ve been following the Stones since I was four, I’m from the neighborhood […] It’s crazy that they’re here,” gushed Rory McClinchey.

“It’s great news, I can’t wait,” he added, in an AFP interview.

“It’s about time!” Victoria, 50, from Riley and Lancashire (north of England), adds with more enthusiasm.

A few fans were lucky enough to get tickets to enter the Hackney Empire Theater where the press conference was taking place.

World premiere of music video streaming to 41,000 listeners on the Internet anger, Fans are eager to reconnect with the original Rolling Stones.

In an impressive display, with flavors of the 1970s, the creation offers a light and catchy rock sound, reminiscent of hits like Satisfied And happily.

Tour dates for the album have yet to be announced. The Rolling Stones’ last presence in Quebec was in 2015 prior to the Festival d’Date.

This opus is 24e The Rolling Stones’ UK studio album, 2005’s first release of original songs. A big explosion. Their previous album, Seven Years Ago, Blue and lonely, The blues covers were a hit.

Hockney Diamonds It’s their first album since the legendary group’s drummer Charlie Watts died in 2021 aged 80.

The Rolling Stones maintained suspense around the album.

Its release was announced in August in a cryptic advertisement in a local newspaper Hackney Gazette.

“Hockney Diamonds, Glass Repair Specialists. Will open in September 2023”, read there. The announcement immediately went viral on social networks, with fans finding hints about the group.

Important topics like were mentioned in the text Give me shelter And Satisfied. The company’s founding date, 1962, was the creation of the Rolling Stones.

And the point I am Against you Diamonds He took the famous logo in the shape of a mouth with a protruding tongue.

The ad mentions the website “” with the Universal Music production company’s signature.

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