Former French television presenter Jean-Pierre Bernard has died


The former editor of the French television monument, the TF1 newspaper, died Wednesday at 1 p.m., his family told AFP. The 71-year-old was diagnosed with lung cancer. Jean-Pierre Pernaut in his most popular lunch newspaper highlighted regional traditions and made his mark on the French audiovisual landscape.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, former star presenter of 13 Hour TF1, announced his death at the age of 71 on Wednesday, March 2, AFP, Muriel Belgy, his wife, former Miss France and TV presenter Natalie Marquez-Bernard.

“Tom, Lou, Olivier and Julian’s father died of lung cancer,” he said. The TF1 television channel, the journalist’s former boss, has confirmed the disappearance.

Respecting traditions

Small screen star Jean-Pierre Bernard presented TF1’s 13-hour newspaper for more than thirty years between 1988 and 2020. He respected many reports on French traditions and imposed his identity there. The journalist hosted a program at LCI.

The most popular, its lunch news broke the audience record, with five million viewers at its peak, the audience share usually exceeding 40% and with a significant gap over the competition.

“Jean-Pierre Bernard lived in the heart of our homes,” President Emmanuel Macron responded in a tweet. “For thirty years, he made an appointment at 1 pm to send the latest information to French men and women, but we will never forget his interest in France, our regions, our heritage.”

With bush eyebrows, glasses and a deep voice, Jean-Pierre Bernard was proud to be the first television presenter to create a network of reporters in the region. “Having less Parisian newspaper”, “Less company” and “Visit people at home”.

After 13 years at TF1, he came to the helm of JT in 1988, imposing the French style of his subjects and his journals, traditions, artisans, cafes and tradition. Forty-minute newspaper, Monday to Friday, without teleprompter. He will not leave the 1pm news until 2020, when it was last seen by more than eight million viewers.

“I was the one who talked about the storm 20 years ago. For others, it’s crude. Today, when two centimeters of snow falls somewhere, it’s four lessons at 8pm on France 2. .

Controversial comments about immigrants

The critics did not leave him. Semiologist Franுவாois Joste saw a “few populism” in the newspaper: “We see someone traditionally turning to Bernard, but in his speech, he always promotes the interests of taxpayers against the elders. The province against Paris.”

On November 10, 2016, the star journalist aired. “There is no longer room for the homeless, but at the same time centers for immigrants continue to open,” he switched between two statements in his newspaper.

One sentence made him subject to criticism. Licra was outraged and the CSA issued a “call for order” against it, lamenting that “the words chosen by the press indicate that immigrants will be privileged by public authorities.”

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