French actor Gaspard Uliel dies at 37

On screen, he was a magnetic Saint Laurent and a moving writer at the end of his life: at the age of 37, Caspart Ull died suddenly after a skiing accident, ending a life he had been given multiple times.

On Tuesday, the “victim of a ski accident”, the actor “died”, his family said in a brief statement sent to the AFP by his agent.

According to a spokesman for La Rosier Resort, the actor, who was on family vacation in Savoy, collided head-on with another skier at the crossroads of two blue slopes on Tuesday afternoon. He was airlifted to Grenoble University Hospital by helicopter, where he died.

A spokesman said the second skier did not need to be loaded onto the plane.

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“The accident happened at 3.58 pm yesterday. (…) This collision led to the fall of the most severely injured Gaspard Uliel, who was taken care of by our supervisors, the station doctor and later the medical helicopter rescue. He was airlifted to Grenoble by rescue helicopter, “said Jean Regaldo, director of Rosier Sky.

The Wednesday morning announcement of the crash restored the memory of other people affected by the skiing.

Grenoble University Hospital had already admitted German Formula 1 star Michael Schumacher at the end of 2013 after he fell off a cliff while skiing in Méribel (Savoie) with his son and was hospitalized for six months. He was finally discharged from the hospital in June 2014 and placed in a medical bed in a vegetative condition in his family’s Swiss villa (Watt Province).

La Rosier is a Savoyard family resort located on the border of the French and Italian Alps. The girl was killed this weekend when she was attacked by a 40-year-old man who was skiing at high speed.

“This is a firm vision”

The death of Gaspard Uliel, an already talented actor and angel face, provoked emotional reactions from colleagues, distributors (Gaumont, UGC) and members of the government.

“Caspart Ulliel grew up with cinema, and cinema grew with him. They loved each other frantically. Only with a heavy heart will we now look at his most beautiful descriptions and meet this particular look. We are losing a French actor, ”Prime Minister Jean Costex responded on Twitter.

“His sensitivity and the intensity of his acting made Gaspard Uliel an exceptional actor. Cinema today is losing a tremendous amount of talent. I extend my condolences to his loved ones and to all those who mourn him today,” said Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelet.

Pierre Niney, who also played Yves Saint Laurent on screen, won the César Award for the role, saying he was “heartbroken”.

“Caspar kindness and compassion. Beauty and talent,” he said on Twitter.

Jean-Pierre is best known for his films “A Long Engagement Sunday” (2004), Bertrand Bonello’s “Saint Laurent” (2014) and “Just the End of the World” (2016). Xavier Dolan won the Caesar Award for Best Actor in 2017. He played a writer there to reunite with his family after twelve years of absence.

During a select career, he toured with big names in French cinema such as Isabelle Hubert and Gerard Deportio.

He was also the face of Chanel perfume, as his small scar was associated with dog scratch in childhood.

He has led a career not only in France but also internationally and will be featured on the Disney + Marvel series “Moon Night” airing from March 30th.

He was recently filming the much-anticipated Xavier Giannoli series on Canal +, his agent reported to AFP, and finished filming “More Than Ever” alongside Vicky Greeps and Liv Ullman.

Gaspard Uliel in five films

Actor Caspart Ull, who died Wednesday after a skiing accident at the age of 37, leaves a gallery of beautiful characters who have matured over the years. Here are five pictures of him.

The Lost

The actor was 19 during the filming of “Les Acres” directed by Andre Dacchine in 2003. He played a criminal when he ran away, and when he left in June 1940 he had two children under his wing and their mother, a confused young widow. Through this character, the concentration of forces and wounds, he won the second nomination for Caesar for best male confidence. The year before, she had joined Michael Blank’s comedy “Kiss Whoever You Want”.

Long engagement on Sunday

A third appointment for César for Better Male Confidence would be good for Gaspard Uliel. The young actor won the statue in 2005 for Jean-Pierre Junett’s “A Long Engagement Sunday”, in which he played Manech, the fiance of Mathilde (Audrey Dauto), who disappeared in the trenches in 1917, and refused to believe that the young woman was dead. . In this blockbuster with over 4 million hits, Cospart Ullie plays a young man who is suspended between childhood and insanity. His grace in this role is matched only by his freshness.

Princess of Montbenzier

In 2010, he starred as Henry de Quiz in the film “La Princess de Montpensier” directed by Bertrand Tavernier, alongside Melanie Theory and Lambert Wilson. In this love story set against the backdrop of the 16th century religious wars filmed in Cinemascope, he embodies all the passions of his youth, the young cousin of Princess Montbensier.

Saint Laurent

It was with Bertrand Bonello’s “Saint Laurent” in 2014 that he revealed his first role in Caspart Ull as a man, complex and powerful. After a year of work, he tries to find Kodourier’s single voice, which gives him a dark and fragile character that makes him internationally known.

Nominated for Best Actor in a César, Pierre Niney finally won for the same role in Jalil Lesbert’s “Yves Saint Laurent”. But in this role – in his life, he admits – he has reached amazing maturity in Caspart Ull.

That’s the end of the world

Louis, a gay, successful writer, found them announcing his immediate and irreparable death to his family 12 years later. His Saint Laurent Shadow fostered a mix of this serious and confusing new character, this time directed by Xavier Dolan in 2016. The young Canadian director portrayed this prodigal son as an alternative ego, a stranger to himself, and blinded by family hysteria. . He won the second Caesar Award for Best Actor.

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