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Turkey means guaranteed weather and the best all-inclusive hotels with a full range of family attractions. In addition, the trend is characterized by an excellent ratio of quality and price.

No wonder Turkey is the same in 2023 as it was last year. Number one in the rating of countries that are most often chosen for holidays by clients of travel agencies.

Don’t do this in Türkiye

For tourists who are planning a vacation there, Anna Uchyła’s Instagram account will definitely come in handy. In the last post, the influencer advises where not to shop in Türkiye.

The rest of the article is below the video

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Most tourists bring some souvenirs from their trip. In Turkey, people like to buy sweets – lokum or baklava, as well as spices and olive oil. Anna Uchyła shows standard souvenir stalls in the video and warns against shopping there.

Are you vacationing in Turkey and looking for a place where you can buy accommodation, baklava, spices or olive oil? Do not buy from these places. As a guide, I advise against it, he says.

As he explains in the post, there are many reasons. We read, “Lokum or halva is often stored in the sun and in unsuitable conditions, and if it is a tourist place, in the winter the sweets will remain and wait.”

The guide also adds that “baklava from a can is not baklava.” It is recommended to pay attention to whether the olive oil is in a dark-colored bottle and whether it has been stored away from the sun. You should also check the weight – it is usually a large box filled with air and does not have a lot of space.

Uccella emphasizes that we are only talking about food, because if we want to buy a magnet or any other souvenir, we can easily do so at the market.

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