May 28, 2023


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United Kingdom: Came to the shelter after the death of its owner. He was addicted to alcohol

Coco was given painkillers for a month to fight his addiction

Two dogs have found their way to a shelter in England after the death of their owner. The animals in the new place began to feel worse and worse. As it turned out, they were addicts and suffered from alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Unfortunately, one of the dogs was not saved, and the second – a two-year-old Labrador was the first dog to undergo treatment for alcoholism.

to the Animal Welfare Center Woodside Animal Trust UK Two dogs were brought in after the death of the owner. Coco arrives with her canine companion after his owner quickly passed away They got sick‘, the center said on social media.

Although with the help of experienced doctors One of the dogs could not be saved. As reported, Koko was a Labrador at the time Very poor condition and required care around the clock.

An addicted dog was treated at the shelter alcohol

All signs point to the two-year-old dog being infected An alcoholic and suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome. The dog was given sedatives for a whole month to make him bearable Fits.

Like I mentioned, at this point Coco is physically better but still not ready for adoption. “worried sometimes” – Notifies the resort.

My 2 year old Labrador is still waiting treatmentWhich will most likely be moved to a temporary home. The center staff is convinced that Koko will make a full recovery at home.

No one knows the details of how these dogs became addicted to alcoholBut we know that without our care, Coco might not have survived.”

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In an interview with The Telegraph, staff at the center admitted they suspected it The dogs became addicted to alcoholBecause the owner “before bedtime” left the drinks they could reach the animals.


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