Neufchâtel: A car smashes into the front of an apartment building

A motorist who may have made a bad move crashed head-on into an apartment building in the Neufchatel sector in Quebec on Monday morning.

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Jeremy Bernier

“The important thing is that everyone is still alive. It could have been a lot worse, we are very lucky,” Melanie Tremblay cried.

Jeremy Bernier

A little before 7 am, Mme Tremblay was suddenly awakened by a loud thud as a sheet of drywall landed on her face. A horror scene awaited her when she opened her eyes.

Her 25-year-old daughter, who was sleeping under a window, was completely buried under the rubble, while a car’s bumper was embedded in the frame. Fortunately, she suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

“The firemen said there was a chance on the little balcony [de l’étage supérieur] Was there, otherwise my daughter wouldn’t be there. It allowed the car to stop,” says the mother, still in shock.

Marc Vallières/QMI Agency

A catch on the question?

According to the wife, Tremblay said the car was turning right from rue des Passereaux when the incident occurred.

“The driver’s wife told me that they went for a 10-mile walk yesterday and she must have had a cramp when the accident happened. That would have forced her to press the accelerator,” explains Gilles Lachance.

“There was more fear than harm. Let’s say it wakes you up suddenly…”, he adds.

Jeremy Bernier

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) confirms that there is no criminal element in the case.

“It was really bad maneuvering by the driver. Neither alcohol nor speed were involved,” said SPVQ spokesman David Poitras.

No anger

Homes will be evacuated so that experts can assess the damage to the structure and check that it is still safe.

Marc Vallières/QMI Agency

For her part, she regrets the fact that she has to call her insurance, and “premiums are likely to go up” when she can’t afford it, Tremblay holds no grudge against the driver.

“I don’t blame her, it must have been a shock for her too,” says the mother, who says she was lucky not to have a heart attack as she underwent heart surgery.

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