February 4, 2023


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Netflix prepares for 'BioShock' - Filmweb

Netflix prepares for ‘BioShock’ – Filmweb

There is information on the official account of the Netflix platform on Twitter, some of you may be pleased. Will turn in the comments. Well, the streaming giant has announced the implementation of the movie adaptation of the cult game “BioShock”. The project will be created in collaboration with 2K and Take-Two Interactive, the creators of the original game.

You can read the original Netflix post below.

What is “BioShock”?

BioShock is a series of first-person shooter computer games. The first installment was released in 2007 for the Windows platform and the Xbox 360 console. The plot revolves around an underwater city created by a businessman. The inhabitants of this utopian place had to live free from the constraints of religion, politics, or any authority. The perfect plan began to fail, however, when scientists discovered a substance called ADAM that could overwrite human DNA and thus give people unusual skills. The player controls the character who moves around the city, avoiding threats and completing the indicated tasks.

Netflix’s message, starting with the famous “BioShock” quote, is short and succinct, so it’s not yet known what form the game will take – whether it’s an actor movie or an animation. So we have to wait for the details.

And on Friday, February 18, “Uncharted” will start showing in theaters with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the main roles. We remind you of the announcement below.

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