Netflix needs to make changes.  Disney, Amazon, and HBO Max have already thrown him out of the driver's seat

HBO Max, Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video … in the world of series as well as in the video game industry. Every big company has its own platform on which all kinds of movies and series are landing. Due to the influx of material, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the most popular products, because there is not enough time to watch them.

There is one thing in common between video on demand and video games. When Xbox Game Pass first came to market, not everyone was positive about it. However, along with Microsoft unveiling more cards, which, above all, showed great interest in the service, the rest of the company also decided to create their own subscriptions. Ubisoft now owns its own Ubisoft+, and Electronic Arts has serviced EA Play Pro and Sony PS Plus Essential/Extra/Premium. SEGA will also come to this, which has also confirmed in recent reports that it wants to enter the world of services in a big way.

The situation was similar to Netflix. When it began to spread more and more in the world, companies such as Apple (Apple TV +), Disney (Disney +) and HBO (HBO Max) decided to create their own platforms. However, the difference between Netflix and Xbox Game Pass is that the latter maintains the level it has offered in recent years. Netflix doesn’t.

That’s how it was

There is no doubt that lately Netflix has been betting on quantity, not quality. This is a fairly common phenomenon that can be seen, among other things, in massive RPGs of major companies. Suffice it to recall how much it was overwhelmed with the pleasant content of Final Fantasy XV or Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. When a company was a giant in the market for a long time, it began in a large number of examples neglecting the customer just to give him as much material as possible – not necessarily what might interest him, at least in the slightest.

By purchasing Netflix in 2018 or 2019, you can watch movies like The Umbrella Academy, Dom z Papieru, Dark, Szkoła dla Elity, Kingdom or Stranger Things. Nice set of soap operas, isn’t it? Each of them was distinguished by something different, but most importantly, these products were at a high level of execution. Today, from the above “starter pack” from previous years, it is worth considering only … Stranger things. The rest of the series either cleaned up the bottom, was terminated (fortunately) or removed because it didn’t meet the publisher’s expectations. To this day, I blame Netflix for not completing Mindhunter’s criminal story.

On the other hand, looking at what happens at The Umbrella Academy, we probably remember Mindhunter well. I was a huge fan of the above superhero series. The first two seasons were great in many ways, and in the third season it was decided to nod Elliot Page (technically Ellen Page, because the actress decided to change her gender a year and a half ago), which spoiled a lot.

Putting some things above everything else

Parachute Academy 3

Watch out for little spoilers from The Umbrella Academy 3!

The nod was that in the first episodes of Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, we witness Vanya Hargreeves become Victor Hargreaves. On the screen, we hear stories about how the character has not been satisfied with her skin for a long time, and only after some events in the second season did he find out his true identity. I don’t mind if the pace of the series is not affected, which has always been imposed in the case of this production so that the viewer does not get bored for a second.

However, in this case, the creators spent a lot of time emphasizing and coloring the thread in question, because I think it could also fit into a few sentences and focus on the real threat. However, the writers and Netflix decided to make it one of the most important changes this season, which did not completely affect the plot, but only unknowingly lengthened the episodes. Once again, you can note the political correction imposed by the video-on-demand giant.

No more spoilers from The Umbrella Academy 3.

Netflix, look at your competition


I officially bid Netflix on July 9th and I doubt I’ll be back here in the next several months. I will probably wait a few years for a huge bundle of interesting series to be collected again, which I will be able to watch in one go. Pay 60 PLN per month (could be cheaper, but then our fate is 720p (29 PLN / month) or 1080p (43 PLN / month), which automatically takes us back to 2010/2015). , where a maximum of one good chain per quarter reaches the said platform.

Competition in the form of Disney+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video knocked Netflix out of the driving seat a few months ago. In particular, the latter platform is now a guarantee of quality and I hope you will not be disturbed by low-quality production due to the pressure of new customers. In addition, the encouraging price of PLN 50 per year, which allows you to receive additional games from Amazon Prime Gaming – for example, between July 12 and 13, each customer will receive Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Need for Speed ​​Heat – Or use free delivery on Amazon. And this is without limits in the accuracy of the series / movies watched, because in this case we are only dealing with one plan. Netflix, you know.

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