No Time to Die - Daniel Craig's emotional speech at the end of the shooting

A video clip appeared on the web that was filmed in 2019 on the day the shooting took place It is not time to die. It went online and quickly went viral. It’s all because of emotional talk Daniela Cregawho thanked the film crew for their work. Thus, Bond years later said goodbye to this character and you can feel the sincere feelings in his voice.

This is exactly what he said in the video:

Many of you have worked with me on all five films, and I know there is a lot of talk about what I think of those films. I love every second of these productions, especially this one, because I was able to get up every morning and work with you. It was one of the greatest honors of my life.

It is not known who will succeed Daniel Craig and become the new James Bond. According to rumors, it may be Tom Hardy, but no one has confirmed it yet. Perhaps after the premiere, the producers will reveal this information.

No Time to Die – What is a movie?

This time the protagonist is enjoying a quiet life in Jamaica after retiring from the service. However, the peace of mind proved short-lived – one day, an old friend from the CIA, Felix Leiter, came into his life and asked Bond for help. The mission to save a kidnapped scientist turns out to be more insidious than expected and leads Bond on the trail of a villain using a dangerous new technology.

No Time to Die – premiere on October 1 in Polish cinemas.

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