February 1, 2023


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Ana de Armas and Brad Pitt together on the red carpet.  What a couple!

Ana de Armas and Brad Pitt together on the red carpet. What a couple!

On September 28, “The Blonde,” based on the bestselling novel by Joyce Carol Oates, will appear on Netflix, offering a bold new vision of life. Marlin Monroe. I was born in Cuba as a symbol of world cinema Ana de Armas. While preparing for this role, The actress perfected her voice and accent for nine monthsSo that it is as close as possible to the legend of the cinema. One of the film’s producers is Brad PittWho willingly photographed with Ana de Armas on the red carpet during the premiere of the concert at the Venice Festival. At certain moments, it seemed like the actors couldn’t tear themselves apart.

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Ana de Armas praised Marilyn Monroe at the Venice Film Festival for her assumption A creation by Louis VuittonWhich hinted at two dresses that have been linked to a movie star for years.

The Cuban actress wore a long, pleated dress that resembled the famous white dress she was photographed in 1955 while working on the movie Straw Widow. The salmon color was like a scene from the movie Men Prefer Blondes.Where Marilyn Monroe sang on the red staircase that “diamonds are a girl’s best friends.”

Ana de Armas was delighted with the Venice Festival