Nathalie Simart’s voice and image were used for fraudulent purposes

Nathalie Simard was outraged after she created a false ad using her voice and image to promote a weight loss product. He claims that artificial intelligence has allowed criminals to say things they would otherwise not say.

Today I want to tell you my weight loss story, says Nathalie Simart’s modified voice in the singer’s image during a private television interview. The voice then praises the excellence of the product.

An ad using Nathalie Simart’s voice and image fraudulently without her consent has been circulating on social media.

Photo: Facebook

On her social networks, the singer strongly condemned the use of her voice and her image and confirmed that she had never used the product in question. He also recalls undergoing bariatric surgery four years ago.

I was scared. Honestly, as we say in good Quebec, it gave me the chips. I said: “Well let’s see how far we can go”. I find it very disturbing. It’s dangerous for me.

As of this writing, Natural Cooking 5 has not responded to our message.

Company Facebook page.

Natural Recipes 5 says on its Facebook page that it is Rome-based.

Photo: Facebook

This isn’t the first time the singer’s name has been used to promote weight loss products. Nathalie Simart says people who have bought products associated with her name against her continue to contact her for advice or to complain.

Nathalie Simard, host of a country radio station in Louisville, urges the public to be vigilant and check the information they receive.

An example of AI drift, expert says

A video featuring Nathalie Simard is a great example of the dark side of artificial intelligence.

By taking inspiration from existing content on the internet, AI can create a voice similar to that of a singer.

To avoid getting caught up in such schemes, Frédéric Brunault, associate professor at the School of Media at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), recommends making sure the video is available elsewhere. , there is more than one source.

We can also analyze the quality of the content, he says. In the video, Nathalie Simart’s voice is tense.

Finally, there is software for detecting special effects, although they are not accessible to everyone, he notes.

Unfortunately, these are new programs used online and call artificial intelligence in this case, Mr. Brunault explains. We use artificial intelligence to get the sound of the voice. Artificial intelligence can be used to fake or edit videos or create videos from photos and images.

In 2022, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center reported about 20,000 reports of identity theft.

According to an interview conducted on the show Always in the morning and with information by Charles-Antoine Boulanger

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