Microsoft does not believe in traditional login;  There are no passwords, it's the future
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September 16, 2021, 11:58 a.m.

Windows 11 is just one of Microsoft’s projects. The company is also a new account login option to discourage users from using traditional and untrusted passwords.

Although Windows 11 will debut as an update to W10, it will happen It is enough many the changesas another operating system. However, Microsoft is not only working on the “eleven”. The company is also preparing other novelties, including ?? recently revealed The option to sign into a Microsoft account without passwords, which the company clearly discourages.

Of course, it’s not about not having any account security, but using the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app. The Redmond giant believes that traditional passwords are too unreliable. To the extent that ?? As we read in an article by Joy Cheek, Vice President of Microsoft?? Even inexperienced hackers can succeed in this area, despite their three decades of use of tools. All because of the human ability to predict, which can be detected kayage publishing About passwords Users use it. W separate article Vasu Jakal, Microsoft’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs, responsible for security, compliance, and identity.

No passwords are the future.  Microsoft doesn't believe in traditional login - Clarification #1

Microsoft finds traditional passwords unreliable, even with 2-step verification (source: Microsoft).

Of course, the well-known and popular solution is the so-called two-step verification, i.e. login with a password and confirm with a code sent to an email, phone, etc. However, Microsoft notes that hackers sometimes skip the second step entirely, citing Issue Account theft from 2019. There is also the issue of phishing passwords, as even some Steam users have seen.

It’s easy to expect not everyone to be convinced to give up passwords. Maybe that’s why Microsoft is organizing October 13 prezentacjê Your password-free future begins now. The 1.5-hour session will take place during talks with experts on building a “passwordless future” title. The Redmond giant will likely also show its ideas to replace the traditional login, also for the Azure network (administrators will be given the option to require, choose, or block passwords from being used).

However, for now, Microsoft advertises passwordless accounts as an option rather than a requirement. Windows 11 users will still be able to use the old authentication methods and turn on (or not) two-step verification.

No passwords are the future.  Microsoft doesn't believe in traditional sign-in - Illustration #2

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