NASA is assembling SLS for Artemis 2. The rocket will launch humans toward the moon

NASA is pursuing the goal of returning humans to the moon. People haven’t set foot on the Silver Globe since the Apollo program closed. This is expected to happen within a few years. One of the tasks leading up to this event is Artemis 2, scheduled for release in the second half of 2024. In preparation, the agency has begun assembling the large SLS rocket.

SLS (Space Launch System) is a huge rocket that will carry the Orion crew capsule into space. NASA was conducting tests for some time, and then individual elements of the structure were transported to Florida to the John F. Kennedy Space Center. here He started putting it together.

Engineering tests are currently being carried out on the individual elements that will be assembled in the VAB building. The entire structure will be huge because of it The height exceeds 100 m. The diameter of the missile is 8.4 meters and will be able to carry 27 tons of payload. By comparison, NASA’s space shuttles can carry about 22 tons to low Earth orbit.

The Space Launch System uses RS-25 engines, which NASA used in the Space Shuttle era. Four of these engines will be installed in the rocket’s main stage.

The astronauts scheduled to participate in the Artemis 2 mission are currently undergoing 18 months of training. It is scheduled to be launched Second half of 2024. Then, the Space Launch System will carry people into space, who will fly toward the Silver Globe, where they haven’t been for more than 50 years.

The Artemis 2 mission will not be able to land humans on the moon. they have Fly over the Silver GlobeBut they will not set foot there. This will only happen with Artemis 3. However, this mission will not take place before 2026, although there is already talk of a later date. Delays include: Due to NASA’s limited budget and prolonged work on the spacecraft, which was selected as the lunar lander. SpaceX has made only two orbital flight attempts so far, and both attempts were not entirely successful.

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