January 31, 2023


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The image from Mars shows the entrance to a secret tunnel?

The image from Mars shows the entrance to a secret tunnel?

The Internet Electrifies Discovery Bab… on Mars. One image taken by the Curiosity rover on May 7 shows what appears to be a mysterious entrance to the planet’s surface.

True, you have to look closely. The door-like structure can only be seen up close. If it is a door, it is for leprosy. But the similarity is staggering.

What could it be? Well, the simplest explanations are usually the best. On Mars, the temperature varies greatly between day and night (Even at the equator, its height can reach a hundred degrees.) Under the influence of heat, the temperature of the rocks rises and slightly increases in size, while the cooled rocks shrink. This is amazing It puts a lot of pressure on them – and it breaks them.

The photo shows many of these structures that were formed as a result of fracturing of rocks. The fact that one of them resembles the shape of a door is a coincidence. Among billions of rocks, a little can always remind us of something.

A cube-shaped rock resembling a rat has already been found on Mars. Both figures turned into illusions. In photos of the same places taken at different angles under different lighting, the optical illusion disappeared.

Famous “Face of Mars” Photographed in 1976. Some considered her evidence of visits by alien civilizations to the Red Planet. Not found later, sharper photos taken under different lighting. The mysterious structure turned into an ordinary hill.

Human The brain likes to find the shapes it knows. She has a special weakness for searching for faces. This phenomenon even has its scientific name – this pareidolia.

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