Black holes can form stable pairs that resemble a single black hole
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This was shown by scientists from the universities of Southampton, Cambridge and Barcelona It is theoretically possible for black holes to form pairs that exist in perfect equilibrium, behaving like a single black hole. This is a different point of view from traditional black hole theories, which rely on general relativity (general relativity) to explain the existence of individual fixed or rotating black holes. According to these theories, black holes in pairs will be attracted by each other’s gravitational forces and will eventually merge to form a single object.

According to the standard cosmological model, the universe originated in the Big Bang, and about 9.8 billion years ago, it was controlled by a mysterious force called “dark energy” that accelerated the expansion of the universe at a constant rate.says Professor Oscar Dias from the University of Southampton. The concept of dark energy dominating the universe is closely related to the concept of the cosmological constant. In a world described by OTW as a cosmological constant, black holes are immersed in an expanding and accelerating background. Scientists from the UK and Spain decided to investigate how black holes exist and interact.

Using complex mathematical methods, they showed that two stationary, non-rotating black holes could exist in perfect equilibrium. Their gravitational interactions can be balanced by the expansion of the universe. Conversely, the force of the expanding universe trying to pull black holes away from itself is balanced by gravitational forces.

Such a pair of black holes, when viewed from a distance, would appear as a single black hole. It can be difficult to know whether we are dealing with a single black hole or two black holes in equilibriumDias adds.

We have proven our theory for static black hole pairs. However, we believe this is also true for rotating black holes, and it seems likely that it also describes systems of three or even four black holes, which would open up a whole host of new possibilities.Says Professor Jorge Santos from the University of Cambridge. With all the work you can to get to know On the pages Physical review letters.

Black holes can form stable pairs that resemble a single black hole

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