More than 70,000 vaccinations in the "vaccinators"

As reported on September 9, the rate of vaccination against COVID-19 under the national immunization program has decreased nearly 10 times compared to the June-May period, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health.

Let us remind you that on a record day, June 3, up to 620,834 vaccinations were carried out in Poland, and at the same time, on Saturday, the Ministry reported 57,007 vaccinations per day. It is less than 17 thousand. Less than the total number of vaccinations in wandering points (73707, data September 28). A day later, this number reached 22,600. Currently, there are 19,502,218 people who have been fully vaccinated in Poland.

See how the average weekly vaccinations went down

The so-called Szczepciobusy are roving vaccination points along with vaccination promotion. Volunteers can have the COVID-19 vaccine in them without making an appointment or making an appointment at a specific time.

On Friday, September 24, registration for the COVID-19 vaccination with the third booster dose, the so-called booster, began for all people over 50 and medical personnel who have frequent contact with patients.

A booster dose is given to vaccinated people who have completed the basic COVID-19 immunization schedule to improve, enhance and extend protection after vaccination. It is given six months after a full vaccination.

Dr. Bartosz Viacek explained this in an interview with Interia Why is a “booster” needed?. – Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech preparations protect us in the case of the base variant with the D614G mutation, after obtaining the status of a fully vaccinated person, about 95 percent. Against symptomatic COVID-19. We already know that this protection is getting weaker month by month. After about six months, it reaches about 50-60 percent. In the context of a delta variable – explains.

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