Ukraine and Moldova will begin negotiations to join the European Union.  The date has been entered

The Belgian presidency announced the opening of accession negotiations Intergovernmental conferences It will be held on June 25.

Ukraine and Moldova will begin negotiations. There is a European Union movement

Member States agreed to the so-called negotiating framework that divided Ukraine and Moldova from the beginning Joining talks. Both countries have it Status of candidate countries From June 2022. In December 2023, EU leaders expressed political agreement to begin accession negotiations.

However, these things cannot be started without adopting the so-called Negotiation framework – A road map setting out the rules and course of the accession talks, as well as their individual chapters (there are currently 35 of them).

althoug European Commission The Organization of Islamic Cooperation proposed a negotiating framework in March, but countries were unable to reach an agreement due to reservations Hungarian. Budapest had comments on the plan for talks with Ukraine (but not with Moldova) included in the framework of the negotiations – raising, among other things, problems Rights of national minorities, Trade, anti-corruption, agriculture, good neighborly relations With other countries.

Intergovernmental conferences in June

On Friday evening Ambassadors of member states However, we were able to communicate. Their decision must be formally approved at ministerial level.

Intergovernmental conferences will eventually be held with Ukraine and Moldova Belgian presidencyWho sought to adopt the document and begin negotiations during the first half of this year. As of July 1, Hungary will assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Both meetings will be held on this occasion Meetings of European Affairs Ministers In Luxembourg. Hungary will also be heard at this session Actions of art. 7. According to European Union sources, it is not impossible to take another step in the procedures, according to Treaty on the European Union It may lead to Suspending the rights of a member state Among other things to vote on Council of the European Union.

At the end of May, the European Commission decided to terminate the procedure under Art. 7 of the European Union Treaty towards Poland. The application for initiation was submitted to the Council of the European Union in 2017. This means that, in the opinion of the European Commission, the matter is no longer clear in Poland. Violation of the rule of law. The only country that expressed reservations about ending the measure towards Poland is Hungary.

European Union membership. Ten countries are in operation

The launch of the talks means the beginning of a long and arduous process for Ukraine and Moldova, as they will have to adapt their regulations to suit this process. European Union law In a very wide range.

President of the European Council Charles Michel In August 2023, he said the EU must be ready to welcome New Member States In perspective until 2030

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