Miller mocks Duda's English.  “We found a pearl”

This is no secret Andrzej Duda is not good at expressing himself in English, even though he has been representing our country on the international stage for years. They have been the cause of memes more than once.

For example, in March 2022, When Kamala Harris came to Poland. During the joint conference, the president addressed his compatriots in his native language, but at some point he addressed his guest in English.

Andrzej Duda spoke about cooperation in his speechBut also the friendship between our homeland and the United States of America. – This is true friendship – he began. – As the Vice President of the United States said today… – he added, then stopped speaking and continued his speech after a moment of contemplation.

– a friend in need is a friend indeed (From English: “True friends are found in poverty”) – Harris is quoted as saying. After these words, the US Vice President started laughing.

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This statement was immediately registered on the Internet and became a huge success. Netizens started digging, which may have amused Harris. Their investigation shows that the likely cause was a slip of the tongue by Andrzej Duda, who said “dick” instead of “actually.”

Andrzej Duda also failed Ability to speak a foreign language in January of this year. In Davos. In one of his speeches he stopped speaking English. He asked the other speakers and those gathered in the room to put on a translation device, and he also told them that he would answer their question in Polish.

Miller mocks Duda. “We just came across a pearl”

Former Prime Minister Leszek Miller once again mocked Andrzej Duda. This time, the former Prime Minister drew attention to the President's abilities in using the English language, but what is interesting is not only that.

Previously in the last column According to 'Super Express', the former Prime Minister summed up the leaders' speeches over the weekend in a critical tone Law and Justice Party.

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