mockery.  The authors respond to the criticism of the players.  The patch provides additional checkpoints and fixes critical errors

We wrote about the fact that contempt sparked a lot of controversy on October 14. In addition to high ratings and likes, there were also very critical votes against the developers of this interesting element. The authors decided to respond to these comments.

The creators of Scorn quickly responded to the criticism that arose after the game’s premiere. Many people complain that the address is too difficult – especially with regard to checkpoints that are rarely placed. So the developers offer in the update additional checkpoints, Thanks to that the general level of difficulty in this production has been reduced. An option to perform additional saves has also been introduced.

These are not all the changes in patch The authors have fixed serious game freeze, field of view, and object collision errors. For example, cases of players tripping in some places and falling in the geometry of the ground were eliminated, resulting in the death of the hero.

The update has already been released on PC and will be released “very soon” on Xbox. Developers announced More “Halloween Only” news in just one week.

The most important changes in patch

  • Difficult memorization has been added in the third and second chapters
  • The number of checkpoints has been increased
  • Mechanisms have been implemented to prevent preservation from spoiling
  • Game crashes have been eliminated
  • Several bugs have been fixed
  • Added option to load last checkpoint

We have written here about opinions about “contempt”.

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