Hogwarts Legacy with a full showcase of new features.  The players are not happy

The writers of last year’s song haven’t said their final word yet. Hogwarts Legacy will soon receive new content introduced in the trailer.

Hogwarts Legacy was the best-selling game last year. Initially, Avalanche Software offered the title only on the most powerful consoles, but in the following months, the magical adventure also became available on PS4, XOne, and eventually even on Nintendo Switch.

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It’s possible that Avalanche Software is already working on a sequel, though we haven’t received an official announcement yet. However, it is clear that the creators want the community to spend a lot of time in the game, which is why they have prepared a big update.

On June 6, the summer update will appear on the servers, which includes, among other things, a comprehensive photo mode. It seems that the option to take a variety of photos is definitely the biggest new feature, thanks to which fans will be able to take beautiful photos.

Players on later platforms will also be able to check out “The Haunted Shop of Hogsmeade”, which is one of the best side quests of last year – previously the quest was only available on PlayStation platforms. New features will also include a talent reset option, a new mount, and a Prisoners of Azkaban outfit.

Avalanche Software took the opportunity to introduce new features, but reception to the much-heralded update has been somewhat mixed. Some players are happy with the aforementioned photo mode, although there were also critical opinions among fans who were counting on a new part of the story or new missions.

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