Mix the soil with the rocks and you’re done.  The strange recipe for “capturing” carbon dioxide appears to be working

Researchers from the University of California, Davis and Cornell University have discovered that they can capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using crushed volcanic rock and farmland. In the magazine Environmental research communications They shared their recipe for slowing global warming caused by carbon dioxide2.

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First, it should be noted that rocks and soil constantly absorb carbon dioxide. This is done during weathering processes. Unfortunately, this phenomenon occurs very slowly, over millions of years, and is unable to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide2 suddenly. Older research has shown that absorption can be accelerated if rocks are ground to a silt fraction. Then, the “enhanced” rock weathering could capture 215 million tons of carbon dioxide2 In 75 years.

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However, there is a small “but”. No one has checked whether a similar pace would be maintained in areas with a dry climate. This is very important because arid and semi-arid areas cover 41%. He lands on the ground. Ironically, California has become an excellent area for research in this regard. The drought-stricken state has been suffering from water shortages for many years.

Covering fields with crushed rocks/Source: Amy Quinton, UC Davis, press materials

Carbon dioxide storage2 In agricultural fields. The recipe says to cover the field with crushed rock

So the scientists used basalt and olivine powder, and spread it over two hectares of corn field that had not been used during the winter. They then collected carbon sequestration measurements during the cold half of 2020-2021. At that time, California had only 41 percent precipitation, the study authors add. standards, which were considered dry conditions.

After a few months, it was found that the mixture of rocks and soil had stored 0.15 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare. This is 2.5 times greater than in the case of a field not covered with crushed rock.

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worlds, Quoted from the press release, provided another colorful comparison. According to them, if all agricultural land in California were sprayed in a similar way, carbon dioxide sequestration would be equivalent to reducing the number of cars on the streets by 350,000 cars. to cut.

The California Method shows us that weathering of rocks and soil, accelerated in a minimally invasive way, can contribute to increased carbon dioxide sequestration.2 From the atmosphere. Scientists did not say how weathered and converted farmland would be suitable for replanting.

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