Putin with the first official trailer.  Patrick Vega movie with premiere date.  Crazy trailer for a movie about Vladimir Putin.

It’s still hard to believe this movie is being made, but it is. “Putin” has just seen its first official trailer, which isn’t radically different from the one that was just a concept trailer. This material has already been removed, but the new material is also a wild ride, as the director opens up his skates and takes us on a crazy ride through the life of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

Image: Vega Investments

Although the trailer lasts just over a minute, Patrick Vega, now also known as Bezalel, has filled the material with a slew of scenes that change from second to second, creating a unique mayhem. As befits a decent biopic, there were also black and white scenes. In places, it all feels like a cheap propaganda production from fifteen years ago. You can find the trailer below, so you can judge for yourself what Putin promised it would be like.

The production will be a political thriller aimed at presenting a psychological portrait of the Russian leader. The film had a budget of $12 million and was filmed in Poland, Lithuania and Malta.

“Putin” will premiere in February 2024.

Putin – Official Trailer

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