Miraculous goals gave Stahl his first victory of the season!  Football is getting worse in the Vistula

Both teams started this match in a bad mood. Stal still didn’t win the match Ekstraklasa, while Wissa, after a good start to the season, started to deteriorate, until she lost in the last round to Raków CzęstochowaAlthough she played dozens of minutes up front and was 1-0 up.

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Visla In the first half they seemed better at handling the ball. They could find holes in Steele’s positioning, but they missed a good last pass or shot. The visitors had the best chance in the 16th minute. A large vertical ball was given by Jeboah and slammed into the goal. He had two friends to his left, but decided to shoot, like the one that gave Wesla the lead in the match against Raku. But this time, he hit hard and the ball was picked up by Strączek.

A superb goal gave Stahl the lead. What a Koliva bomb!

The Vistula might have looked better visually, but it was more defined Stall Milk. And the homeowners hit a free kick in the 22nd minute by Matthews Mack. He was far from the goal, but the shot was powerful and with great difficulty it was saved by Bauwe Keszek, who made his debut in Wisla. In the 30th minute the score should be 1-0. After a corner kick, De Amo was left alone in Wisła’s goal area. Staal’s defender next to the far post wanted to block the incoming ball, but he did so in such a way that it flew across the penalty area. Completely missed a shot.

However, the above can not be written about the injury of Alexander Kolev from the 42nd minute. 25 meters from the goal, a ball bounces slightly and a shot from a simple throw, after which the ball bounced off the crossbar and entered the goal. A great goal gave Stahl the lead. Until the break it was 1-0 to Staal.

Adrian Gula immediately responded and introduced three new players to the field, including Jakub Błaszczykowski. Wissoa started the second part of the match with a powerful shot – a cross from the left by Hanoske in the 47th minute turned Jean Kélment into a goal after a header. The beginning of Wisła dream? Not really, because the Wisła players only enjoyed a six-minute draw. Matthews Mack finished the throw on the left side of Getinger. The ball, having shot with its head, flew into the very window.

Douglas Lich's goalLech erotic start! Two goals in 65 seconds! A great nightmarish slow kick game

Stal Mielec won the first game of the season. The Vistula falls on the table

Wissoa gave the impression that she had not recovered from the loss of the second goal by the end of the match. Jolla’s coach kept trying to react and let another attacking player on the field for the defender, but to no avail. Wisła practically did not threaten Stal until the end of the meeting. Mielczanie deservedly won 2:1 and took the coveted first win in this year’s campaign. On the other hand, the balance of the ranks of the Vistula is getting worse. Now they are recording a three-game streak without a win and two losses in a row.

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