Cesare Colisa comments on Poland - Albania!  Zbigniew Boniek added a few words of Polish representation

Polish representation He beat Albania 4: 1, but how did that happen? hard to say. After this match, we may have very contradictory feelings, because the Albanians dominated the Poles in long portions. and us Game The defense was disastrous again. Albania attacked, sometimes You mocked us in defenseIt was close to the targets. And Poland? Poland was winning Upcoming goals. Mainly because we have Robert Lewandowski in our ranks. The goals of the Polish national team were also scored: Robert Lewandowski, Adam Buxa, Grzegorz Krechowiak and Carol Linetti.

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“Paulo Sousa has to sew because he still has bad luck with the injured players”

Boniek comments on Poland’s victory

– Today is very effective. New opening. Now San Marino – The former president of the Polish Football Association Zbigniew curtly wrote Punic. And it must be admitted that this is the best summary of the Poland match. Because efficiency was actually a positive thing in Thursday’s game.

The strange match of the Poles was also commented on by the new president of the Polish Football Association, Cesare Koleza. Three very important points in context Fight for promotion to the World Cup. A standing ovation for the coach, our players, and especially for rookie Adam Buxa. Another victory on Sunday! note. Such a debut was also dreamed of by the president – wrote the head of the Polish Football Association.

What is the situation in the group?

England leads Group A with 12 points, after beating Hungary (4:0). Poland ranks second with seven points. Third place is for Hungarians with the same number of points. Albania has six points and Andorra three after beating San Marino.

This is the situation in the el table. World Cup 2022 after Poland-Hungary-England match

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