This will be the minimum wage for 2022. Calculations of all the new net salaries may surprise you [19.09.21]

In mid-September, the Cabinet adopted a regulation on the amount of the minimum wage for work and the minimum hourly wage in 2022 (PLN 3010 and PLN 19.70 gross). What will be the net minimum wage? We write about it in the article below. However, at the fair we offer bonus calculations for higher rates, taking into account tax changes under the New Deal program.

The minimum wage will increase in 2022 by a total of PLN 210. The amount proposed by the Cabinet for the next year is Total 3010 PLN. The minimum hourly wage is expected to be PLN 19.70.00. In 2022, the minimum wage for work will be 7.5 percent higher. Compared to the lowest wage implemented in 2021.

This is the amount of net salaries of Poles if the tax changes provided for by the “Polish Clubs” came into effect. Accounts available in the gallery:

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Minimum wage 2022. The government adopted the decree

The government has until mid-September to set the minimum wage for next year. In Poland, about 2.4 million people are paid the minimum wage. In 2022, the lowest pay for work will be 50.8 percent. The expected average wage in the national economy for 2022

Salaries in 2022

In accordance with the procedures, the amount of the increase was sent to the Social Dialogue Council for consultation a few weeks ago. At that time, the government proposed the total amount of 200 PLN.

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