Millions of square meters in Polish homes need to be replaced.  There is a fierce battle in the background

Energy meters to be replaced

By the end of 2023, distributors will have to own 15%. Smart meters in homes. In contrast, by the end of 2028, this indicator is scheduled to rise to 80%.

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According to data from the Energy Regulatory Bureau, at the end of 2022, there were 15.7 million residential energy consumers. Therefore, there are still approximately 12 million smart meters that need to be replaced over the next few years.

Accusations of “black PR”

One of the leading manufacturers of energy meters in Poland, Apator, is interested in the origin of the devices. The company says that more than half of the four million smart meters used in Poland come from outside the European Economic Area, also from potentially dangerous suppliers..

In the opinion of Apator representatives, elements that enable sabotage can be installed in the software of these meters, for example, cutting off the power supply to consumers en masse.

Abator’s warning did not escape the attention of other companies. Esmetric Group – a company that in cooperation with the Lithuanian company UAB Elgama Elektornik supplies smart meters, among others. To PGE Distribokja – Requests information from competing company Black PR..

– Esmetric Group, which works for reliability and honesty in the business environment, would like to express its strong opposition to the activities of Apator, which clearly bear the hallmarks of black PR and aim to defame Esmetric and our business partners. As well as the devices provided by the company in a union with the Lithuanian company Elgama – Elektronika – says Piotr Gulik, President of the Esmetric Group, in a statement reported by The ad also refers to alleged “misinformation” and “manipulation” committed by Apator.

“The premise of Apator’s communication activities is: Pointing out cybersecurity threats to the country’s critical infrastructure (…) Abator decided to participate in the discussion, putting forward the problems and possibilities for solving them at the level of national legislation,” the company responds.

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